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Choose your Plan

  • Christian Doctrine

    Introduction to systematic theology
    • Acquire greater comprehension of Christian theology
    • Receive a certificate for satisfactory completion of course
    • Great for students who need flexibility
    • Self-paced and self-study training
    • Study asynchronously
    • Graded quizzes
    • 12 week curriculum
  • Online Ministry

    Learn about online ministry
    • Acquire greater understanding of online ministry
    • Great for students that need flexibility for studying
    • Receive a certificate upon satisfactory completion of course
    • Self-paced and self-study training
    • Asynchronous study
    • Graded quizzes
    • 12 week curriculum
  • Best Value

    Blog Subscription

    Every 6 months
    • Access to exclusive blog content
    • Support the creation of more content
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